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By | October 26, 2016

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live Free. Once upon a time, 19 years ago to be more exact, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker were set to battle it out for a shot against WWF Champion Bret Hart. Because of the severity of their feud and the need to keep Michaels’ allies out of the fray, a special kind of cage match was put together called Hell in a Cell. The two proceeded to have an outright classic, ending in the debut appearance of Undertaker’s long-lost brother Kane.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live

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WWE Hell in a Cell: Ranking All 30 Matches

Hell in a Cell was solidified as one of the be-all/end-all grudge matches in WWE and in 2009, WWE started dedicating an entire PPV to it. This time around, WWE Hell in a Cell is being used as a Raw-exclusive PPV. As always, various matches on the card will gravitate towards this specific gimmick match.


WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live Free
The show will take place on Sunday October 30 and will take place at the TD Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts.

Hell in a Cell for the WWE Universal Championship

Well, it’s not like Owens was going to defend against anyone else. They’re really that low on top contenders right now. They went at it at Clash of Champions and due to interference, a ref bump, and distraction, Owens retained. Rollins was awarded a rematch for…reasons. Chris Jericho faced Rollins in a one-on-one match for a chance to earn a spot in the cage, but Rollins came out on top.
Despite not being in the match, Jericho’s been more of a central figure to the storyline than the actual competitors with much emphasis being put on his friendship with Owens and the List of Jericho. Supposedly for the sake of weakening Rollins, a triple threat was put together of Rollins vs. Owens vs. Jericho, which became a glorified handicap match. Regardless, Rollins squeaked out a win and the go-home Raw ended with Rollins and Owens brawling.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 Live Stream
Hell in a Cell for the WWE Women’s Championship (Raw)

Sasha and Charlotte have had a rather lengthy rivalry. After Charlotte held onto the Women’s Championship for quite a while, Sasha defeated her on Raw. Then at SummerSlam, Charlotte regained it while putting Sasha on the shelf. Sasha returned and ultimately defeated Charlotte in the Raw main event. Now they’re going one step ahead and bringing the cage into it. For the first time ever, two women will face off in Hell in a Cell.
Sadly, rather than allow their animosity to speak for itself, the story of the match is really, “Guys, we’re doing the first women’s Hell in a Cell! Isn’t that neat?” I’m all for female empowerment, but show it instead of patting yourself on the back over it.

Hell in a Cell for the United States Championship

As a way to keep Roman Reigns out of the main event for a bit, he’s currently locked in a very one-sided feud against Rusev where nearly every interaction involves Rusev eating a Superman Punch and/or Spear. Reigns made a fool out of him prior to SummerSlam, pinned him cleanly prior to SummerSlam, beat him up in a no-contest brawl at SummerSlam, cleanly beat him for the belt at Clash of Champions, decisively beat him up again after a double count-out on the following Raw, then beat him up after another brawl when Rusev asked for another title shot.
Reigns accepted and this time it’s going to be a Hell in a Cell match, which will likely end this feud for good.

WWE Tag Team Championship

New Day have held onto their tag titles for a long, long time and are almost at the company’s record, currently held by Demolition. Unfortunately for them, their next challengers have a pretty decent chance at victory despite their notable lack of teamwork.
After their Best of Seven Series, Cesaro and Sheamus ended at 3-3-1 due to the ref stopping the final match and calling it a draw. Since they were competing for a title shot, Mick Foley figured he would allow them a tag title shot. The problem is, the two outright hate each other and have had a hard time not tearing each other’s heads off.
Even though Cesaro and Sheamus were able to defeat Big E and Kofi in a non-title match, Sheamus still insisted on taking all the credit, showing that the two of them are still not on the same page.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

TJ Perkins won the tournament to crown the Cruiserweight Champion and then proceeded to successfully defend it against Brian Kendrick at Clash of Champions. In a non-title rematch on Raw, Kendrick was able to make Perkins tap to the Captain’s Hook. With another match on the horizon, they’ve made a big deal about how Kendrick has been like a mentor to Perkins over the years, but is too wrapped up in his own thirst for legitimacy to let it soften him.
Perkins wants his friend back, but Kendrick just wants that belt. Kendrick’s tried getting in Perkins’ head, but none of his tricks have truly worked.


After losing to the New Day for the umpteenth time, Gallows and Anderson have started cutting through the tag ranks. This includes targetting Enzo and Cass by jumping them before a match. As you can guess, Enzo and Cass have taken exception to that and have started to clash the Club’s no-nonsense approach with the Realest Guys in the Room’s very nonsense approach. Leading into the show, Enzo and Cass have defeated the Club in a pair of singles matches.


Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn is the big showdown that’s yet to be made official. After dominating the jobbers for months, Braun has lost his patience and has demanded real competition. Sami Zayn has continued to challenge Braun and despite Sami’s eagerness, Braun has shoved him aside and stormed off.
For the past few weeks, we’ve seen Mark Henry and the Golden Truth vs. Titus O’Neil and the Shining Stars. Why? Because every Titus feud has to be about him doing the same match again and again before being forgotten about (see also: Stardust and Darren Young). Will we see it at Hell in a Cell? Specifically the pre-show? We’ll see.
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